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"The Naked Truth from Open Sources"

Issue #33. February 19, 1996

Table of Contents

Jarod's Organization

A reader says "something fishy here" about Jarod 2's apparent breach of security, prompting this essay by Psychospy on the possible structure of the satellite government. We theorize that respect for the hierarchy is more important than specific regulations and that the aliens exert ultimate control over the organization. (31k, 2/1/96 revised 2/18/96)

Channelling Jarod

In this section, which may be repeated in future Rats, we respond to reader questions about Jarod 2, the flying saucer simulator designer who only we can see. We will attempt to "channel Jarod" in response to these questions, either asking J-2 directly (by hypnotic trance or ordinary telephone) or recounting what he has already told us. What Jarod says is mixed liberally with our own personal interpretations. (20k, 2/18/96)

The Bob & Gene & John Show

Lazar and Huff turn up on late-night talk radio with their own show. High hopes lead to farce and a luscious flame war between Huff and Lear. No dignity remains intact. (10k+pix, 2/8/96)

From the Newsroom

Links to recent published news articles on Area 51, including a major report by the Wall Street Journal. (9k+pix, 2/18/96)

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