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Heroic painting of Nixon at Andau
Nixon comforting the Hungarian refugees at Andau in 1956. [article]

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"The Naked Truth from Open Sources"

Issue #34. March 1996

Table of Contents

Worker Lawsuit Dismissed

In this surprising development, the Groom Lake hazardous waste lawsuit has been completely dismissed by a federal judge on national security grounds. The above is a link to our lawsuit page where the latest developments can be found, including a 3/7 article in a Las Vegas newspaper on the dismissal. An appeal to federal court in San Francisco is planned by the plaintiffs.

Campbell Appeal Dismissed

G. Campbell's appeal of local obstruction charges has also been dismissed by a state court, making our problem child a convicted criminal with no chance for reversal. That'll show him not to push down those door locks when an officer of the law approaches. Campbell has done his time by writing a 20-page Rachel history, available here. Now that the law has failed, Campbell has no choice but to revert to terrorism as a means of social change.

E.T. Go Home?

In yet another act of civil disobediance, Campbell has submitted to the State of Nevada a report critical of its new "Extraterrestial Highway" designation for Highway 375. Campbell says the state is setting up näive tourists for arrest and film seizure along the tense and poorly marked military border near the highway. Here is the report in full. (3/6/96, 60k)

For the ongoing highway battle and competing plans for the unveiling on April 18, see our Alien Highway page.

Nellis Range Overflight

Some reports and pictures from our Mar. 10 overflight of the Nellis Range and Rachel.

Hular Rules the Universe

Our labelling of G. Huff as Moe, the mean Stooge, in DR#33 has resulted in a remarkable email message. Psychospy is overwhelmed by the power of Hular and concedes defeat.

Nixon, Hero of Hungary

As recorded in this epic painting at the Nixon library, our hero broke from protocol and rode in a haywagon to support the Hungarian freedom fighters. What more proof do you need of a Nixon-UFO-Hungary connection? Meanwhile, Campbell's obsession with the dead president seems to have reached unhealthy proportions as his enemies multiply.

Intel Bitties

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