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EG&G security dude flees
EG&G Non-Cammo Dude (EGG-NCD), armed with radio and loaded Gatorade,
flees site of his attempted Psychospy assault. [article]

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"The Naked Truth from Open Sources"

Issue #35. April 17, 1996

Final Version

Table of Contents

Cammo Dude Roster

At long last, after rattling our sabers all these months, we publish the names of Cammo Dudes who were deputized by the Lincoln County Sheriff's Dept., as obtained from public records. In the course of our investigation, we also turned up the "Pittman Station" mentioned in the security manual and a current business office for Area 51 in Las Vegas.

Another Business Office Found

An adrenaline rush energizes Psychospy as we check out another Area 51 business office in Las Vegas: EG&G Special Projects at 821 Grier Rd. Although minding our own business (with our camera--snap, snap), we are accosted by a security agent on a public street, who attempts to rudely abduct us into the facility.

Doubletalk on the E.T. Highway

As the Research Center prepares for war on the "E.T. Highway," a Fox publicity manager responds to requests about their movie Independence Day and its involvement with the State of Nevada. We provide full translation and analysis of PR lingo. Meanwhile, in the hyperspace of Washington, D.C., we sense some agitation from the "E.T. Governor"? (Created 3/29/96, Revised 4/7/96)

Our Readers Respond

Another Hungarian Connection, Lazar & Seagal, Why "Groom"? (Created 3/29/96, Revised 4/25/96)

Final typo corrections: 6/10/96

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