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Glenn Campbell of Area 51
Glenn Campbell of Area 51

An historic meeting of the minds took place in March when Glenn Campbell of the Area 51 Research Center met Glenn Campbell of Area 51, the special effects house in Pasadena, Calif. The two have been confused with each other since Space: Above and Beyond hit the tube and Campbell's name and company appeared in the credits. Area 51 produces all of the computer generated spaceships, alien landscapes and deep space explosions for the show. Campbell is Special Effects Supervisor, acting as liason between the programmers in Pasadena and the production set.

Campbell #1 and Campbell #2 have birthdays one day apart (plus a couple of years). The resemblance ends there, though. Campbell #2, by his own admission is "tall, dark and handsome" while Campbell #1 is pale and bald. (Some of the genes must have gotten mixed up back in Scotland.) The presence of both at "Area 51" appears to be pure coincidence. The founder of the company chose "Area 51" because it seemed sexy at the time, and Glenn Campbell was hired with no knowledge of the other.

Campbell #2's first knowledge of Campbell #1 came when he was doing special effects for Unsolved Mysteries on a Roswell segment. He introduced himself to a producer as "Glenn Campbell of Area 51" and the producer went pale. She had been attempting to contact the other Glenn Campbell when this one shows up.

If we could contact the other other Glen Campbell, the country music one, wouldn't we have a team! As a matter of fact, we ran into a former member of Campbell's band, who says Campbell is well aware of Campbell and has been forced to answer UFO questions. It is only justice we say, after all the Campbell has inflicted on Campbell for all those "Rhinestone Cowboy" jokes.

It turns out there are 100+ Glenn Campbell's in the U.S., including W. Glenn Campbell, former chairman of the arch-conservative Institute of War and Peace at Stanford. He appears to be an associate of Edward Teller. For more Campbells, or anyone else you chose to look up, consult the Switchboard National Directory.

Call for Info: The International Glenn Campbell Society is trying to locate one of our brothers who worked as a respiratory therapist in Tucson in 1969. He was reportedly a big UFO fan.

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