Nellis Range Renewal

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Nellis Air Force Base and the Nellis Range occupies public land that has been temporarily withdrawn for military use. The current withdrawal expires in Nov. 2001, and it must be renewed by Congress for the Air Force to continue using this land. As part of the renewal application, the Air Force must complete a review of the environmental impacts of continued use. This process involves public hearings and culminates in an Environmental Impact Statement.

The Nellis Renewal EIS is unrelated to the EIS for the neighboring Nevada Test Site, which is considering changes in its mission. Neither EIS appears to cover the block of land known as Area 51.


  1. Air Force's Official Range Renewal Page*
  2. Laws and Legal Notices
  3. Area 51, general information

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Responsible Parties

The 99th Range Group appears to be taking responsibility for the range renewal process. It has employed a private contractor, SAIC, for various support functions.

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