Glenn Campbell
Area 51 Research Center

May 28, 1996

FOIA Officer
U.S. Department of Energy
PO Box 98518
Las Vegas, NV 89193

Dear Dept. of Energy:

Under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a, I hereby respectfully request and demand the following documents:

Copies of the memorandum of understanding, or any other agreement. which delegated management of certain lands under AEC/DOE control to the U.S. Air Force. These lands are located adjacent to the northeast corner of the Nevada Test Site and were reserved for the Atomic Energy Commission in Public Land Order 1662 of June 20, 1958.

Explanation: Public Land Order 1662 (attached) gave control of 38,400 acres of public lands to the AEC for use in connection with the Nevada Test Site. However, DOE no longer manages these lands, as indicated in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Nevada Test Site (January 1996, Volume 1, page 4-9) which states: "Under Public Land Order 1662 (June 20, 1958), approximately 38,400 acres were reserved for the use of the Atomic Energy Commission in connection with the NTS. Management of this la nd has since been delegated to the U.S. Air Force."

In this request, I am asking to obtain the written agreement by which the AEC or DOE delegated management of this land to the Air Force.

If this document cannot be released because it is classified, please say so in your reply.

I agree to pay any reasonable copying costs for documents produced by this request.





2/2/97: A correspondent says: