I was Abducted by Aliens at Area 51 A Mostly True Story

by Glenn Campbell
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A Book in Progress by Glenn Campbell

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Book Summary

If Samuel Clemens were alive today, he might be writing as Glenn Campbell, a Massachusetts Yankee with a wry wit who is now exploring the American West. In I was Abducted by Aliens at Area 51!, Campbell becomes involved in the hunt for UFOs at America's most popular secret base. With the help of a talented and quirky group of investigators, he tries to make sense of the claim that the government is testing alien flying saucers at a remote location in the Nevada desert. Although a skeptic at heart, Campbell finds the claims to be surprisingly deep, and he and his colleagues engage in an epic and sometimes quixotic quest to prove them true or false.

In 1993, Campbell drove his camper from Boston to Nevada and plugged it into an RV site in the tiny village of Rachel, population 100, which was the closest town to the unacknowledged Air Force base at Groom Lake. He appointed himself as the public relations officer for the base, since no one there would do it, and within a year he was the center of a media phenomenon. He entertained many visiting journalists from nearly every major media outlet, all of whom were asking, "What is really going on at Area 51?"

At the border of reality, Campbell encounters a fascinating array of human characters, each of whom feels touched by the aliens on some way. Some say they were cruelly abducted; others were more politely contacted; and some even believe that they are aliens themselves. Fantastic lights that appear almost nightly in the skies near the base are interpreted according to the observer's own wishes and needs. The longer he remains in Rachel, the more Campbell feels his own sanity slipping away. Has he been abducted, too, or is he a pawn in a nefarious government scheme?

Written a decade after the events in question, this story is a legendary account, filtered through the mists of memory, in which every character seems larger than life. Campbell swears that everything in his book is true, but like Mark Twain, he doesn't let mere facts stand in the way of a good story.

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